Thursday, February 21, 2008

blog blog blog

So here I am trying to do the whole blog thing. I'm super new to this so I am just going to go what is on the top of my head. My name is Jon, and I just made the move to Sacramento from Santa Cruz, and it's going much better than I expected. Got a good job, meeting new people, all and all, really can't complain. Other than work I love to skateboard. It is the funnest and most mentally challenging yet cleansing activity to ever be created. Everyone who really does it knows, and to the rest of you that haven't tried it or disagree, I almost feel bad for you, but if you all did it too, all the skateparks and spots would be way too crowded so please continue hating. Other than Skating, I love music. Not necessarily performing it, but listening to it. My favorite band in the whole world is Coheed and Cambria. Their music just speaks to me, and it is the greatest music to have in your ipod while you are shredding the gnar. I really love all music though. From Stevie Wonder to Celly Cell and almost everything in between. Music is the second greatest thing ever created. If you can't figure out the first, you don't deserve to know.
Til we speak again, stay real out there

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