Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Cyberspace Salesperson

Some times the “world wide web” feels just like that; it is a world wide web of lies and deception. People do and say things that they never would even consider logical in a real-life encounter. People lie about their age, wealth, and pretty much anything that would make one seem more desirable to the general public. Some people even lie about who they really are by displaying pictures of models or people of higher attraction than themselves. Hoping that some sucker will bite the bait and then get whatever it is they want from you whether it be money, time, or simply to be acknowledged.

The same goes for conducting business on the web. You see it all the time, “pin the tail on the donkey and win a free ipod” “lose 20 pounds in a week!” “free one-year membership”. When was the last time you were walking through the mall and some dude was just standing there handing out ipods to everyone that could perform a task so remedial that 3 year olds can do it? What about the last time you saw a gym just handing out free memberships to everyone that walked up to the door?

Just like most people, the cyberspace salesperson will make them and/or the product they are selling to be the greatest thing in the world so they can get what they want from you, and that’s your money. I would say that they want your business, but unless you consider business screwing innocent people over, it’s just stealing. They will say whatever they have to just to get you to click on the dotted button. Screwing millions of people on a daily basis, and as long as they keep paying x amount of dollars to website x, it’s just business as usual, or should I say stealing as usual.

What if there existed a world within a world, a world where business were ranked on legitimacy as opposed to their advertising budget. A place where people can honestly display their business, but not when they want to, but when you want to. A place where businesses are held accountable for doing similar atrocities and can’t get out of it by paying ridiculous amounts of money. A place where a mom and pop shop is just as easy to find as a corporate chain store. This place is WOWzzy.com and it is coming to a computer near you soon.

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