Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our Inner Light

Take a plant, put it anywhere in your room, then take a light and put it anywhere in that same room. After a few months you will realize that the plant will always grow towards the light. It will bend and move around anything just to get to that light.

This same logic works when you are talking about a person and their passion. The most successful people in the world, rather it be financial or intellectual, have a passion and will do anything to get to it. They will work 15 hour days, sacrifice time and money, and in some instances their own well being.

Every person on the planet has their own light inside of them. Some are much brighter than others, but never the less, we all have one. The key of life is to find that light, weather it be obtaining knowledge or revenue, and constantly grow towards it for it is essentially the key to success. The hardest part is defining what you consider success.

Take myself for instance. I know what the light inside me is and it's skateboarding, and boy does that sucker burn bright. Usually after a nice 8 hour day of work, I go for a nice 4-8 hour skate. Then I use the rest for sleep. I put my body, and social life through a lot of abuse, but it seems irrelevant because as long as I am growing towards that light, everything else is just me bending and wrapping around whatever I have to to get there.

Sometimes I wish my light was something else like owning real estate, or collecting as many foreign cars as I can, but I got stuck with skateboarding. That's the beauty with the inner light though. Extrinsical influence cannot dictate an inner light. In lam ens terms, you don't get to pick what your inner light is. You are born with it. You may not find the light for years or even decades, but when you do you will know. I did.

In todays society, it seems like most people have their inner light eclipsed. Things like financial stability, security, and the urge to "grow up" get in the way of the light, and we are stuck in the dark. We have nothing to grow towards and though our bills get paid every month and we have a spouse and 2.5 kids, there is a sense of emptiness that usually get's translated as depression and aggravation.

So I ask of you, look inside your self and find your light. Maybe it's to travel the world, maybe it's to start your own business. Whatever it is identify it and begin doing whatever you have to to get to it. There may be a number of reasons or deterrents that might get in your way as you are growing. But if a plant can grow through concrete to get to it's light, I think you can make a few bends to make it.

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