Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's been a hot minute 'yall

Since we have last spoken, well what's happened since then, well the 4th was a bittersweet day beginning by being the best 4th ever and ending up kinda sucking at the end.

The day started with us waking up at 8:30 in the morning at zephyr's cove on south lake tahoe, and drinking and partying on the most crowded beach I have ever been on my life (this coming from someone who grew up in Santa Cruz). We were surrounded by beautiful women, and good friends. Truly bliss.

Around 5:30 the nice assholes that work at Zephyr kicked everyone out, and we headed to the Casino's on South Lake where I was tricked into heading back to Reno where no one was doing anything.

We went and watched quite possibly the worst fireworks display I have ever had the luck (bad) to lay eyes on. After that we headed back to my homie's house where we heard there was a party. I got my hopes way up and when we got there there was like 15 dudes and like 4 girls. Where did all the girls go you ask? Well, they were all in South lake, where the ratio was probably like 3 to 1, leaving for one messed up ratio in Reno.

We ended the night with a 2 mile drunken stumble back to home base and passed out on the couch.

The next day, we were all so tore back, that we just sat around and watched a variety of films in a very dark advil filled room. So there isn't much to discuss on that day.

The next day was filled with skating and river adventuring. First we headed to Fared, which is a dope ass spot on the river with a plethora of bridges and cliffs to huck your carcass off of.

After a brief jaunt down the river, we headed to the skatepark in the beautiful city of Truckee, and pushed around and did some serious bowl pumping brah. beers, bowls and barneys fool!

Then we ended the day with another Fared mish, which was awe fully refreshing after skating in triple digit, smoke filled weather.

Other than that, just skating and trying to get some footy for the blog and some other various video productions.

The last few weeks have been awesome, just living life to the fullest, and loving every minute of it.

Sunshine and Lollipops yall'

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