Friday, May 16, 2008

For the Love

Putting love in everything you do is the difference between success and failure. You may be able to do something well, even very good for the matter, but you can always tell when someone is doing something because they love it, and people who do something because they feel as though they are obligated to.

You can apply this to ANYTHING you can possibly imagine on this planet. weather it be a career, or just a hobby, the people that love what they are doing will have more success than the people that might have more actual talent in the given field.

A lot of us start to do something for the love of it, but after time it can get manipulated into something that is much different. Things like money and fame will blind some people, and they now see what they do is a way to acquire such illusions. Too often are people's motives changed when their external environment does.

Look within yourself. What are the things you do in your everyday life? Why do you do these things? Is it simply to "live", or is it more than that?

I hope for your own well-being that it is.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the blog. I spent most of my life doing what my family expected of me. I finally decdided after years of unhappiness to start my own business. Crafts as always been a passion of mine and I am finally doing something that I love. Now that I am doing something that I love I need to get others to take notice of my new venture. This is my next challenge. If there is anyone that reads your blog that can help me please share with me your secrets.

The New Era of Business said...

First off I want to start off by saying good for you. Going against what you, and all of us, have been told is the "right thing to do", is a lot harder than it seems. It takes a lot of mental strengh and independence. With that said you are more informed than most people already.

As far as getting people to take notice, there are a few things you can try to do to get your name out there.

The first thing that I suggest is going onto craft message boards, and beginning conversations with other people that share your passion. This is great because you can answer questions and establish credibility, or get some answers to questions you may have (wich is exactly what you are doing here)

I also reccoment perhaps making some "how to" videos and post them on various viral video sites. This is another indirect way of providing people with information.

As long as you are providing people with information, and not just jamming advertisements down people's throat, you are golden.