Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Litter on the Highway

Lately I have been trying to explore the world of blogs. When I find one that is directly related to a concern that I consider myself to have some form of understanding of, I will leave a comment trying to convey my thoughts and opinions. Usually at the end of such a comment I will leave my email just in case someone would like to have me elaborate on a topic or just to exchange dialogue.

That was when all the junk emails started coming.

Now everyday I get at least 5 emails that are nothing but a sorry attempt to get my credit card number and pin. One that I get a lot is an message from a "banker" saying that he has a frozen account with 15,000,000.00 in it and he wants me of all people in the world to have it. All he needs is my account number, social security number, and my mothers maiden name. It comes at least twice a day, and it is always sent from a different email address with a different name.

Another one of my favorites would have to be the fake pay pal email I get stating that I have to re-register my pay pal account. The email looks perfectly legit, but the only problem is that I have never had a pay pal account in the first place.

This is the world that we live in. A world were people try to prey on the weaknesses and good will of people to make a buck or two. In turn, it has made people who used the internet frequently very skeptical of everything on it. It is now a world where you can't believe anything you read, for fear of losing your money, or even worse, your identity. We may live in the information age, but what's information if half of it is crap?

The information superhighway is cluttered with litter and it does nothing but slow us down, or even break the vehicle that we use to drive on it.

Time to clean up.

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